Loyalty Medical Center announces vacancies (family doctors / resident doctors / nursing staff / laboratory technician / pharmacy technician / reception staff / secretaries / security staff, G.D). To apply via https://loyaltymc.com/ar/index.php/join


The idea of Loyalty Medical Center was inspired by my wife Dr. Wafaa Abdul Halim Omer Hassab Alla (internal medicine specialist - Royal college UK) who died 22/02/2015 due to adenocarcinoma lung (God rest her soul). She was planning to provide health care service to patients in the form of a private center of family medicine, to provide health service to the population in the area, offering primary health care services, established with high-quality specifications, for the goal of not only profit but also to support patients and take care of them, by performing highly qualified staff of doctors, nursing technicians, and others and at a level that satisfies the aspiration Interest.

Through Loyalty Medical Center we seek to convey a message to the population in the center area and the areas around, they can get high-quality health services with the performance of a team working consistently according to Clear and up-to-date policies and procedures. A team that works in the spirit of a single medical team to complete the work, and give the reviewer the health service they deserve, according to local and international updates of the recognized guidelines in the world of health service, available in all units of the center. 

Provide the desired service and spread a culture of change in society. To give service at affordable prices accessible to the reviewers.  

With the help of modern technology that keeps pace with global politics to support the privacy of patients and save their time.


LOYALTY MEDICAL CENTRE strives to provide a high standard
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