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From Founder
  • ●   Building the community through taking care of our family member and to work together in change our lifestyle. All around the world health service concentrate in the healthy environment to improve the health status of the population at home, work and everywhere. And control of the Chronic Diseases and mother and child heath. Our health services under Trade name: Loyalty Medical Center - Private Family Medicine Center We take care of the Member of the family, the Family and the Community as well Organizing system of work to provide health serviceby:clear and operational workflow plan: The action plan is one of the procedures followed in the performance of the employees of the health unit by following the policies and procedures of the health system within the medical work environment.

  • ●  Clear policies and procedures within the health unit to follow Clear and updated policies and procedures according to what is new in the world of health services globally have an effective role in following recognized rules in the treatment of diseases.

  • ●  Implementation of the rules adopted and updated locally and internationally for treatment in most departments of health units. Medical services, especially with the availability of information resources, must keep pace with scientific development around the world by following up on the new rules globally and updated in the treatment of diseases under the principles of medical rules.

  • ●  The right statistical information Statistical information has an active role in studying the health demographic status of the health unit's work area, identifying the requirements of the service provided, and providing information outputs in order to study, follow up and evaluate the mechanism of action, with a view to improving and developing performance, in addition to the role of statistical information in Activating overall quality as a tool for the advancement of the health service.

  • ●  Interest in the infrastructure salbutting of the service such as:

    • Continuous medical training for cadres Caring for medical staff increases the professional performance and the advancement of the medical service according to modern rules. Provide resources that help in medical training, providing all the means to get new in the world of the profession.

    • Discipline in working hours Creating the right environment for employees within health units helps to commit to work in accordance with policies and procedures.

    • Attention to hygiene in the health unit The role of the team in curbing the causes of transmission to avoid infection from the health unit and to avoid exacerbation of the condition that was the reason for their review of the health unit. And for the cleanliness of the health unit.

    • Commitment of technical staff to uniforms and public appearance Uniforms are part of the infrastructure to provide the unit's health service. The general appearance and behavior of the employees in the health unit is one of the most important obstacles to improving job performance and gaining the confidence and respect of the reviewers for the service provided.

    • Provides clear health awareness programmes Health education is one of the key factors in preventing preventable diseases in their initial stages depending on the outcomes of primary health care and the avoidance of complications.

    • Dealing with medical staff towards the reviewers A decent image to clarify patients' questions about the treatment plan or the questions of reviewers is one of the reasons for gaining the trust of patients and reviewers that helps improve their health.

    About the Founder

    My name is Abubaker Hassan Musa, born in Berber, River Nile State, Sudan. Primary to high school, between Berber and Atbara, River Nile State, Sudan.

    Medical studies:

    • MBBS at Medical Academy in Bialystok, Poland 1993.
    • MPH at University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2008. And up-to-date working as a registrar at PSAFH, Al Madinah Al Munawarah, KSA.

    I am committed to live my life with understanding and openness. I appreciate the sympathy and care of all people, paying special attention to my family and my closest friends. I care deeply about others, especially the disadvantaged, kindness, compassion and education of my core values. They define my goal and give it meaning to my life as a doctor. During my previous working as a medical doctor in Poland, Sudan and the period I have spent in Saudi Arabia I was learning and trying to figure out what is the best for my Patients.

    During this period, I was giving additional attention to Primary Health Care and its role in genuine patient care. My conviction is that the right path to improve the health situation in the society as a whole if it was applied in the right way and the community had a fundamental role in the choices and application of the type of service.

    Hence the idea of Loyalty Medical Center wasinspired by my wife Dr. Wafaa Abdulhalim Omer Hasaballa(internal medicine specialist- Royal college UK) who died 22/02/2015 due to adenocarcinoma lung. She was planning to provide health service to patients in the form of a special center for family medicine, offering primary health care services, established with high quality specifications, for the goal of not only profit but also to support and care for patients, by performing qualified staff of doctors, nursing technicians and others and at a level that satisfies the aspiration Interest. Through Loyality Medical Center we want to make her wish come true and we seek to convey a message to the citizens in the work area of the center and around it that they can get a high-quality health service, and the performance of a team working consistently according to:

    • 1. Clear and up-to-date policies and procedures.

    • 2. A team that works in the spirit of a single medical team to complete the work, and give it the health service it deserves, according to local and international updates of the recognized and updated rules in the world of health service, available in all units of the center.

    • 3. Provide the desired service and spread a culture of change in society, at affordable prices accessible to the reviewers.

    • 4. Modern technology that keeps pace with global politics helps the privacy of patients and the lack of time.

    • 5. Cooperating with the society in the catchment area to fulfill our high goals which includes improving healthcare targeting the family as the smallest unit of the society.

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