Loyalty Medical Center announces vacancies (family doctors / resident doctors / nursing staff / laboratory technician / pharmacy technician / reception staff / secretaries / security staff, G.D). To apply via https://loyaltymc.com/ar/index.php/join


LMC Message

Loyalty Medical Centre’s message is:

1. High quality health service and institutional culture based on the philosophy that we believe in as long-term financial contributions to the community and the performance of therapeutic service, and follow-up the development growth according to the requirements of the beneficiaries of the service.
2. The performance of a team based on recognized scientific skills supported by experience and specialization which works consistently according to clear and up-to-date policies and procedures with the participation of the beneficiaries of the service.
3. Updated treatment guidelines approved locally and internationally that satisfies the expectations of the reviewers.
4. A team working in the spirit of the medical team to achieve the desired goals and satisfy the patients and implement the health service they deserve, and through a system that satisfies the beneficiaries and employees and achieves the center's therapeutic goals and economic growth.
5. Keep the privacy secrets of reviewers.


1. Specific and clear

The objectives of the first years of work include:

  • Creating a medical practice that exceeds patients' expectations and helps meet the needs of the community.
  • Providing high quality health care to the residents of the region with integrated therapeutic returns God willing in all units of the center.
  • Form a healthcare practice that is able to sustain its own cash flow at the end of the first year or less.
  • Increase the number of patients by 20% per year through superior specialist performance
  • Develop a comprehensive website that includes the possibility of online booking, as well as additional information on health promotion, patient engagement and empowerment in the quality of service provided.
  • Care for the health of women and children through the close follow-up of the family from birth and through the stages of development before and after birth by vaccinating the mother and child and creating a healthy environment and proper nutrition.
  • Care for the elderly through a clear and recognized follow-up program according to modern strategies.
  • ? Follow-up of chronic diseases and the work of laboratory tests and control in the initial stages to avoid complications that can be prevented God willing.
  • The work of periodic tests known as chronic disease analyses, school health, occupational health and screening of diseases.
  • Growth test in children under the age of five.
  • Health prevention of diseases and their complications by activating health awareness programs and changing health behaviours in society.
  • Activating the role of the community in improving the health service and determining it’s requirements through awareness programs.
  • Work to raise the implementation rate to 95% or more and reduce the missed appointments below 5%.
  • Increase the average monthly visits from 300-350 patients during the first year and 400 or more by the beginning of the second year.

  • 2. Measurable

  • Variables that can be followed up with the latest information devices.
  • A specific statistical program to measure all performance variables by specific goals.
  • Follow-up of monthly, quarterly and annual performance evaluation tools.

  • 3.It can be achieved

  • The requirements of the local market for high quality health service allows easy achieving of objectives.
  • Service behaviors and performanceleads to gaining community satisfaction from targeted health services and increasing the frequency of reviewers.
  • Patient granted an integrated medical service that satisfies his or her expectations, including the monthly and annual health bill.
  • Material return which supports and helps in the development of performance.


  • Achieving goals is commensurate with the needs of the citizens, with qualified staff and close management to implement the desired goal with proper planning and training in certain skills that achieves the needs of society.
  • Provide all kinds of resources to provide a useful service to the community and support the change in health behaviors.
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