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Expecting pregnancy is (an exciting time of great change and many new questions).
To get ready to welcome your newborn, it is important to
1.  Keep yourself and your baby healthy and safe.
2.  Prepare yourself and your partner for new roles as parents.
3.  Create a loving and caring environment for your child.

What do the family doctors do? A family doctor can provide:

  • Diagnosis and treatment for common illnesses and injuries.
  • Health care specialists who can help with specific condition support in managing a chronic condition (such as diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy)
  • Prescriptions for the medication in case of low Hb and other conditions for women.
  • Regular check-ups including physicals and routine screen tests (e.g., in cervical cancer)
  • Do ultrasonography when required during pregnancy.
  • Arrange to follow up with the dentist.

All visits during pregnancy including laboratory work and ultrasonography
and needed consultation and delivery planning,

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Get an appointment

Prior booking is required (for free) 4 antenatal classes in 4 weeks about:
  1. Babycare
  2. Breastfeeding
  3. labor and pain relief
  4. Baby safety                            (Topics may change depending on group needs)

Midwife hotline available 24/7

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