A healthy marriage is:
The state of compatibility and harmony between spouses in terms of health, psychological, physical, social, and legal aspects, with the aim of forming a healthy family and producing healthy children.
Medical examination before marriage:
It is the examination of those who are about to marry to find out the presence of infection for the characteristics of some genetic blood diseases
      • Sickle cell anemia
      • Thalassemia
      • Hepatitis B virus,
      • Hepatitis C virus
      • Acquired immunodeficiency virus (AIDS) and other infectious diseases
In order to give medical advice about the possibility of transmission, These diseases are for the other party or for the children in the future and to present options and alternatives to the fiancés in order to help them plan a healthy family.

The pre-marital medical examination program aims to:
  • Reducing the spread of some genetic blood diseases (sickle-cell thalassemia) and some infectious diseases (hepatitis B / C, and acquired immunodeficiency virus (AIDS).
  • Spreading awareness of the concept of a comprehensive healthy marriage.
  • Reducing pressure on health institutions and blood banks.
  • Avoiding the social and psychological problems of families whose children suffer.
  • Reducing the financial burdens resulting from treating the injured on the family and society.

We advise those who are about to get married to undergo a medical examination at least three months before the date of marriage so that the couple can better plan their lives, as the validity of a healthy marriage certificate lasts for six months, and only infectious diseases can be re-examined when needed to be re-examined again. 

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